Welcome to 3DMine

3DMine software focuses on mine geology, measurement, and mining and technical management.  This system applies to full range of 3D visualization management, including the geological exploration and statistical management of coal, metal, construction material and solid minerals, in addition to mineral deposit geology models, construction models, traditional as well as modern geology reserves calculation, the design of open-pit and underground mining, production process plans, open-pit confining optimization, and analyzed equipment statistics.

3DMine software is dedicated to those mining sectors focusing on geological exploration, mine production, scientific research design, and professional education. Our goal is to customize 3DMine Mining Office for our customers, providing helpful professional software tools to geologists, scientific researchers, and educators.

3DMine software’s excellent quality and functionality provide our customers with professional local exploration guidance, technical support and consulting assistance. Consequently, we have received enthusiastic response from customers engaged in domestic mining, exploration, and scientific research who have used our products with favorable feedback from their professional technicians and experts.

As the first mining software company to copyright in China, 3DMine is recognized throughout the world. We have combined international main stream software functions with design functionality. We also have compatible statistical links with other well-known software brands worldwide. Although based in China, 3DMine has so aggressively extended its market overseas that we have published an English version of our software and now employ foreign representatives.

Mining Office:

  • Our software Mining Office is the only tool you’ll need. If you have used AutoCAD in the past, you will find it easy to adapt to our software system. We are dedicated to making 3DMine not only an outstanding universal software tool but also a business platform to serve our worldwide customers.
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